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Insert Data & Sub Data Into MS Access

Dim dr As DataRowdr = Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE1.NewRowdr(“FIELD1”) = Me.TextBox1.Textdr(“FIELD2”) = Me.NumericUpDown1.ValueMe.DATABASE.TABLE1.Rows.Add(dr)Me.TABLE1TableAdapter.Update(Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE1)Me.TABLE1TableAdapter.Fill(Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE1) Dim i As Integer, ID As IntegerDim dr2 As DataRow()dr2 = Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE1.Select(“”, “IDDESC”)StudentPK = dr2(0)(“ID”)For i = 0 To ListBox1.SelectedItems.Count – 1dr = Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE2.NewRowdr(“ID”) = IDdr(“FIELD1”) = Me.cbxRoute.SelectedValuedr(“FIELD2”) = (DirectCast(Me.ListBox1.SelectedItems(i), DataRowView)(0).ToString)dr(“FIELD3”) = Me.NumericUpDown1.ValueMe.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE2.Rows.Add(dr)NextMe.TABLE2TableAdapter.Update(Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE2)Me.TABLE2TableAdapter.Fill(Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE2)

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Insert Data Into MS Access

Dim dr As DataRowdr = Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE.NewRowdr(“FIELD1”) = Me.TextBox1.Textdr(“FIELD2”) = Me.NumericUpDown1.ValueMe.DATABASE.TABLE.Rows.Add(dr)Me.TABLETableAdapter.Update(Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE)Me.TABLETableAdapter.Fill(Me.DATABASEDataSet.TABLE), get more Find out on bästa vpn gratis     This housing option’s main draw is its cheaper cost. First-time homebuyers and anyone looking for inexpensive housing may like houses since they are cheaper than regular residences. Mobile homes provide independence and affordability. For those

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ListBox Select/Deselect All

Me.ListBox1.BeginUpdate()For index As Integer = 0 To Me.ListBox1.Items.Count – 1 Step 1Me.ListBox1.SetSelected(index, Not Me.ListBox1.GetSelected(index))Next indexMe.ListBox1.EndUpdate() Roark Vacation Timeshare Cancellation – Buy my property knows the housing market and can provide sellers competitive rates. They understand the challenges of selling mobile homes and strive to provide fair prices and excellent service. Visit

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