Discount Settings


Customer asks,
Q. Apart from Discount%, I want to give cash discount (C.D.), Trade Discount (T.D.) or any other discount like VAN Subsidy, quantity discount, scheme etc. VAT should be calculated on final value after all these discounts. Can I manage these discounts?

Answer. Yes. You can apply upto five additional discounts like C.D., T.D., or any other discount heading. Business ERP software gives you facility to configure yourself Discount Headings as per your requirement. There can be multiple Discount setting in this software. We can give multiple discounts to a customer.

To make Discount settings, go to Utilities->Discount Setting.

Click Add to add Discount Setting.
Select transaction for the Discount to be Applicable On. As soon as you select transaction, Sale Types will be shown.
Select Sale Type and click on cheque box ‘Create 1st Discount Head’ and other Discount Heads.
Fill up the entries.

Click ‘Save’ to save the Discount settings.

After Discount Amount, Tax Amount and Net Value will be automatically generated.
We may also have to pay other charges while selling items.

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